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8623 Разработка I в Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0: MorphX

Course 8623:

Microsoft Dynamics™AX 4.0 Development I: MorphX

 (Format: 3-day under the direction of practice Instructor-Led Training)


!!! By learning the basics of MorphX, you will understand the building blocks of the Microsoft Dynamics AX solution.

These are necessary toward building customizations to add to a customer’s final solution.

At Course Completion:

 After completing this course, students will be able to:

-       Understand the architecture of Microsoft Dynamics AX

-       Understand the main elements of Microsoft Dynamics AX development

-       Understand the MorphX development environment and the AOT

-       Design and create tables, forms, reports, and menus

-       Modify objects within each major Data Dictionary category

-       Create a customized user interface  

-       Understand and use the Microsoft Dynamics AX Help documentation

-       Create report and section templates

-       Build a customized application that is based on specific requirements


Prerequisites: Before attending this course, students must have: Some working knowledge of Microsoft® Windows® 2000 or Microsoft® Windows® XP.

Course Outline:

Chapter 1. Microsoft Dynamics AX Architecture: This chapter explains the concepts behind the Microsoft Dynamics AX architecture. The student is also introduced to the main elements of the MorphX development environment.

Chapter 2. Data Dictionary: This chapter explores the MorphX development environment. By the end of this chapter, the student can create and modify objects within each major Data Dictionary category.

Chapter 3. User Interfaces: This chapter focuses on graphical interfaces in Microsoft Dynamics AX such as forms and menus. Students will be able to customize and build both of these objects. Microsoft Dynamics AX Non Graphical objects are also discussed.

Chapter 4. Report Adjustments: This chapter focuses on report elements. The student will design reports using different methods in addition to create report and section templates.

Chapter 5. Case Study: This chapter serves as a case study using MorphX and its components. Elements discussed in previous chapters are used to build a functional application that is based on a client's requirements.


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