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8645 Разработка III в Microsoft Dynamics AX 4.0

Course 8645:

Microsoft Dynamics™ AX Development III

 (Format: 4-day under the direction of practice Instructor-Led Training)


!!! This course begins with learning the development environment and tools including application architecture, debugging, performance monitoring and application upgrade.

The student will then learn more about Fetch of data from the database, Classes, Forms and Reports. The exercises included in this course will focus on typical additions to and modifications of the standard application. This course is meant to be a more advanced course covering practical development in Microsoft Dynamics AX


At Course Completion:

After completing this course, students will be able to: 

  • Use the integrated development tools in Microsoft Dynamics AX.
  • Examine, analyze and understand the structures of the standard application.
  • Monitor the application with respect to execution and performance.
  • Optimize the database access
  • Design and create a solution with respect to best practices.
  • Create advanced forms with filtering, sorting, aggregation, and joins.
  • Use of advanced form controls as Tables, Tree, ActiveX, and Window.
  • Create advanced reports containing consolidated data from multiple sources.


It is required that students have general knowledge on the following subjects:

  • Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Programming 
  • Database Design and SQL

Please refer to the section Suggested Reading to obtain references  covering the subjects above. It is required that students have completed: Development II: Introduction to X++. It is  assumed  that  the  student  has  been working with development in Microsoft Dynamics AX and has gained some experience on the topics covered by Development I & II.


Certification Exams:  Microsoft Dynamics AX Solution Development Exam.


Course Outline:

Chapter 1. Development Environment and Tools: This chapter gives a comprehensive foundation for the use of the development environment and integrated tools. 

Chapter 2. Fetching Data: This chapter focuses on fetching data from the database. The goal is to make optimal communication with the database with respect to performance. In addition, the student will have knowledge in why and how the use of temporary tables.

Chapter 3. Classes: This chapter shows how to create and modify classes and methods, according to Best Practices using object oriented concepts.

Chapter 4. Forms: This chapter discusses how to create and modify advanced forms.

Chapter 5. Reports: This shows how to fetch data into reports based on queries or X++ code.


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